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Chris "NoaR" Wiborg

Lead Vocals and Growls

Lead Vocals, Growls and Lyricist - a.k.a. CafeNoaR/Captain Coffee

Kyle "DMK" Sevenoaks

Bass and Growl Vocals

Bassist and Songwriter a.k.a. Death Metal Kyle

Geir "G" Prytz


Lead and solo guitarist

Alex "Lestat" Bjørklund


Lead and Solo Guitarist

Terje "The Viking" Høiås


Thunder and lightning

  • "7"

  • Shepherd of Fire

  • Guise of The Infectious

  • Slaughterhouse

  •  18.02.2022 12:33

Chris and his TC-Helicon MP-76 ready to sing like never before

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  •  08.02.2022 12:42

The best metal single to hit the world in 2021

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  •  02.10.2020 14:09

Kyle drops his DeathMetalKyle alias in favor of his actual name for future representation and productions

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  •  01.07.2020 13:31

I The Betrayer in studio for new single!

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I the Betrayer is made up of five guys from altogether different musical backgrounds brought together by their love of metal, and random chance, to create music which encompasses every part of their collective vision.

Influenced by all kinds of styles, from blues and progressive rock to death metal, they have managed to carve their own identity within the genre. Among the heavy metal chugging and pounding drums, you can expect to hear soaring vocal melodies leading to guttural lows, progressive inspired leads on top of driving metal progressions and contemplative clean passages exploding into a forceful and commanding song. Their first release was an EP named "7", which is now available on most music streaming platforms. They have since also released a cover of Avenged Sevenfold's "Shepherd of Fire", their latest single and first music video "Guise of The Infectious", and are now working on releasing a new album for 2022.

Kyle Sevenoaks on Twitch

Kyle is also a professional music producer, and streams making mainly rock, metal and electronic music live on Twitch with a healthy dose of Rage and gaming. Kyle has also produced and is still producing a massive collection of music (Metal and synth).

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TheCaptainCoffee on Twitch

Chris, a.k.a. TheCaptainCoffee streams mainly gaming (horror, RPG, multiplayer), occasional music performance, but eagerly chats about I The Betrayer, metal, coffee, and mostly anything. Every Monday at 21:00 CET/CEST

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  • Chris Wiborg
  • Postboks 269 Skøyen 0213 OSLO Norway