02 Oct

Yes, his name was always Kyle Sevenoaks, but our master of low frequencies has finally taken the step to drop his DeathMetalKyle alias to power on with his own name as his way of representing himself and for his future productions and projects.

"I've chosen to do this since the name has excluded me from things in the recent past, and I feel it carried too many associations with extreme styles of music which does not help when I am trying to get into other projects and represent myself as a serious musician/composer. The Spotify/Apple Music DMK pages will remain as they are, as to not remove them from playlists or people's lists etc. New music will be released under the new name."

For all of you who have come to know and love our angry-face master of metal, he puts all worries at ease by stating:

"Yes, I'll still respond to DMK online and IRL :D"

This announcement comes hand in hand with the release of his new single, "Blood Fever":

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